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Learn To Swim With JJ Swim School


Why should my child learn to swim?

Swimming is not just a great way of keeping fit, but is also a valuable step in increasing the safety of children in and around water. Although water can be fun, it can often be dangerous, so equipping your child with swimming skills; they will grow up with the knowledge of what to do and not to do if situations ever occur. This is a point recogn.............   More



Babes in the Water


Bath time is a great opportunity to familiarise your baby with a water environment and to prepare them for future activities in the swimming pool. Remember that your baby has been immersed in fluid for 9 months before birth and will almost certainly be comfortable when put into water soon after birth, as long as they feel safe. Initially keep bath time short, reassure your baby by

smiling, talking to and maintaining eye contact. Bath time should be fun for both.................More



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